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The newspaper news (reporter Chen Yong correspondent Lin Wei) yesterday, Hangzhou Customs announced in 1 - April Zhejiang foreign trade operation.Data shows, 4 months before the implementation of the Zhejiang province foreign trade import and export value of 92050000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 26.5%.
The EU continues to Zhejiang province's largest trading partner.1 - April, Zhejiang province to the EU's import and export trade amounted to $20360000000 for the same period, the province's total import and export 22.1%.
For the current situation of Zhejiang foreign trade, customs statistics analysis expert thinks, off-season shortage on the impact of private enterprises will gradually appear.Encounters at present 7 years the largest electricity shortage in Zhejiang, power separation amounts to 2000000 kilowatt, the gap and the possibility of further expansion.The 1 quarter of this year, Zhejiang province is to restrict the use of electricity enterprises reached about 500000 times.In power management, part of small and medium-sized private enterprises tend to be the first to bear the brunt.To occupy half of the country's total import and export of Zhejiang province private enterprises, the follow-up effects will further expand.
In addition, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar goes high ceaselessly, exchange rate is becoming an increasingly relying on export-oriented foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang do not hide on a problem.

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